Zinio Reader 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I do if my Reader for Windows installation stalls or the screen is blank?

A: There is a corrupt file that needs to be re-downloaded. Please follow the instructions below to resolve this problem.

1. Close application
2. Go to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\
3. Delete this directory - AIR
4. Reopen application

If that does NOT resolve the problem, please try the following:

1. Go to Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs

Remove Zinio Reader 4 and Zinio Alert Messenger (if you have that installed)

2. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel -> "Folder Options" (or "Appearance and Personalization"> "Folder Options" ). Click "Show Hidden Files and Folders", and then click the radio button next to "Show Hidden files and folders" and press OK.

Delete these folders (you may only have the Zinio Reader folder):

In Vista and Windows 7:
C:\Users\YourWindowsUserName\AppData\Roaming\Application Data\ZinioAlertMessenger9...

In XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\YourWindowsUserName\Application Data\ZinioReader4.9...
C:\Documents and Settings\YourWindowsUserName\Application Data\ZinioAlertMessenger9...

3. Download and run the installer from here: http://www.zinio.com/apps/desktop.jsp

Q: Why am I getting a blank Reader screen after upgrading my Mac OS?

A: There is a corrupt file that needs to be re-downloaded. Please follow the instructions below to resolve this problem.

1. Close application
2. Open Finder and navigate to /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/
3. Delete this directory - AIR
4. Reopen application

If that does NOT resolve your problem, please try the following:

1. Open Finder and click on the home directory.
2. Open the Library folder (not the Zinio Library folder...) and find the folder called Preferences.Note: On Lion, the "library" folder (The folder where the ZR4 files ultimately live) is now hidden. To access, you must option+click the "go" menu in finder. Just click on an empty spot on your desktop. Then, hold the option button on the keyboard down and click go to reveal the library folder.
3. Open the Preferences folder and find the folders called ZinioReader4 and ZinioAlertMessenger. Drag them to the trash.
4. Open your "Applications" directory in Finder.
5. Find Zinio Reader 4.app and Zinio Alert Messenger.app and drag them to the trash.
6. Empty trash.
7. Downoad Reader 4 here: http://www.zinio.com/apps/desktop.jsp
8. Reinstall.

Q: Why does it keep telling me I need to install Reader 4?

A: This magazine needs to be accessed through the Reader 4 application. If you have already installed the program on your PC or MAC, simply open Reader 4 and your issue will be available in your library.

Q: Why am I unable to install Zinio Reader 4 from the download page?

A: In some cases, users may need to manually install Zinio Reader 4 in two separate steps. Please follow these steps to install Zinio Reader 4:

1. Download and install Adobe AIR by clicking here.
2. Save the Zinio Reader 4 installation file by clicking here.
3. Run the installation file.

Q: What are the system requirements for Zinio Reader 4?

A: Here are the minimum operating system requirements and recommended system specifications:

System requirements:
Installation requires Adobe AIR 1.5.3 or higher

Windows XP SP2 or later
Recommended specifications: 2GHz Pentium, at least 1GB RAM, 1GB free hard drive space.

Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Recommended specifications: 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo, at least 1GB RAM, 1GB free hard drive space.

Q: What's new in the Zinio Reader 4?

A: The new Zinio Reader 4 allows us to introduce exciting new and improved features, enabling consumers to access their favorite interactive magazines and books from around the world, both online or offline, in a more optimized, enjoyable way.

Some new features of the Zinio Reader 4 include:
- Dynamic, interactive articles and ads
- Bookmark a page or clip a section
- Share, post and send to friends
- Read online, or download and read anytime
- Explore pages in thumbnail grid
- Search and sort in library view
- Improved zoom customization

Q: Where can I download Zinio Reader 4?

A: http://www.zinio.com/apps/desktop.jsp

Q: Can I try the Zinio Reader 4 and still use my current reader?

A: Yes. The Zinio Reader 4 will be viewed by your computer as a separate application. Installing Zinio Reader 4 will have no effect on your current reader. As Zinio Reader 4 is currently in beta, it is advisable that you keep your current reader installed to ensure that you'll be able to view all the issues available to you.

Q: I can't install Zinio Reader 4 on my tablet or other mobile device so how do I read my magazine?

A: To access magazines on a mobile device you must first install our mobile reade app from your devices local application store or market or by clicking here. After installing, launch the reader application and sign in using to start reading your magazines.

Q: How can I download my publications?

A: You can download your publications in the following ways:

New Publications

When you are connected to the internet, Reader 4 will automatically download your new publications at startup, unless you’ve indicated another preference. To check for new publications after startup, click the “Sync” button in the Library toolbar. When Reader 4 is not running, the Zinio Delivery Messenger will alert you when new publications are available to read.

Previously Read Publications
Previously read publications are not automatically downloaded. These publications can be identified by the download button (a down arrow) that appears below the cover image. If the publication has never been read, it will show "new" below the download button. To download previously read publications, click the “Download” button. The publication will be added to the download queue.

Downloaded Publications
To open a publication, locate it in the Library view and click the cover (or title if in List view).

Publications Not Downloaded
When you are connected to the Internet, you can read publications you have not downloaded by clicking on the publication’s cover. If you have a slower internet connection it is recommended you download publications prior to reading. When you are not connected to the Internet, publications you have not downloaded will be in a grayed-out state. To read or download these, you must establish an internet connection.

Q: How do I view my publications?

A: You can view your publications using the following methods:


To turn pages in a publication use any of the following methods:
- Click the Forward or Back button in the navigation toolbar at the top of the window
- Click the edge of the page
- Click the right or left arrow on your keyboard

To navigate to a specific page in a publication, use the Page Explorer that appears at the bottom of the publication. There are two ways to view the Page Explorer:

Horizontal view
Move the slider along the Page Explorer bar by clicking and dragging. Thumbnail images of the publication pages will appear. Release the slider at the page you would like to view. Alternately, move your mouse along the Page Explorer bar and click the bar at the page you would like to view.

Grid view
Click the grid view button on the left side of the Page Explorer. The grid view will expand over the publication. Scroll through the pages of the publication and click to view. Click the X at the top of the view to return to the page you were viewing. To view the Table of Contents at any time, click the button in the navigation toolbar. Click the links within the Table of Contents to open that page of the publication.

This is a key feature as zooming allows you to view content with greater clarity and optimizes the reading experience for your particular monitor and screen resolution.

Basic zoom
Click the page to zoom in one level, or use the Zoom In button on the toolbar. To zoom out, click the page again or click the Zoom Out button on the toolbar. You can also open the dropdown between the Zoom buttons on the toolbar and move the slider to the zoom level you prefer.

Custom zoom
To set a custom default zoom level, click the dropdown between the Zoom buttons on the toolbar. Move the slider to the zoom level you prefer, then click Set Default Zoom to save this value. Your first zoom will bring you to this percent zoom until you set another value as the default.

Zoom navigation tip!
Once you are in zoom mode, you can simply hit the spacebar to move the page down. When you hit the spacebar at the bottom of a page it will automatically take you to the top of the next page. (To zoom back to the standard two-page view, simply click anywhere on the magazine.)

Q: How do I play embedded Rich Media?

A: Zinio Reader 4 supports a variety of rich media content (including audio, video, and animations), bringing enhanced interactivity to editorial content and ads. Some media elements are designed to play automatically, while others play only upon command. When you come to a page containing manual-play media, an audio or video icon will flash to alert you, then disappear. The icon will reappear if you mouse over the media, or return to the page. To play any media, simply click on the audio or video icon that appears. Depending on the media type, you may find that keyboard and mouse-click behavior is altered while it is playing. To stop the media from playing, use the player controls or turn the page.

Q: How do I print?

A: To print the pages you see on your screen, click the Print button on the toolbar. To print additional pages, flip to them and click the Print button again. Note: This feature may not be available for some publications, because the publisher may choose to restrict the printing rights.

Q: How do I search?

A: To search for a term in one publication, open the publication and enter the text you’d like to search for in the Search field in the toolbar, then click the arrow button next to the text field (or press Enter on your keyboard). In the Search results pane that appears, click the instance of your search term that you would like to view. Zinio Reader 4 will flip to the appropriate page in the publication.

Q: How do I create favorites?

A: You can create two different types of favorite: bookmarks and clips.

Creating a Bookmark
To create a Bookmark in a publication, open the publication to the page you would like to bookmark. Click the Favorites button in the toolbar, and select the Create Bookmark option. A dialog box will open that allows you to enter a title, comments, and tags for the bookmark. Click Save to store the bookmark you have created.

Creating a Clip
To create a Clip in a publication, open to the page with content you would like to clip. Click the Favorites button in the toolbar, and select the Create Clip option. You should then click and drag your cursor to select the part of the page you would like to clip. Once you release the cursor, a dialog box will open that allows you to enter a title, comments, and tags for the Clip. Click Save to store the clip you have created.

Viewing Favorites

In a publication
You can view Favorites within a publication by clicking the Favorites button in the toolbar and selecting the View Favorites option. A panel displaying the Favorites for that publication will open on the left side of the Reader. You can view all Favorites, or select to view only Bookmarks or Clips from the dropdown. Click a bookmark or clip to view the page or selection you saved.

In Library view

You can view your Favorites from all publications while in Library view by clicking Favorites in the left-side navigation bar. View all your Favorites, only Bookmarks or Clips, or only those with a specific Tag by selecting the appropriate filter and sort options.

Q: How can I share a section or an entire publication with a friend or colleague?

A: There are several ways to share your publications through Zinio.

Send to Friend
Share an article or an entire publication with a friend or colleague. Fill out the form with the requested information and click Submit. Your friend will receive an email with a link to view what you've shared.

Link to This
Send or share a link to any page in a publication by copying the URL provided.

Embed Widget
Add an image and a link to any page in a publication by copying the code provided to your clipboard and pasting it into the source code of your blog or webpage.

Social Networking sites
Share a page of a publication through any of the top social networking sites by choosing the site you prefer from the Share menu.

Q: What is the Zinio Alert Messenger?

A: The Zinio Alert Messenger runs alongside the Zinio Reader 4 and, when you're online, will notify you when a new publication has become available. The alert will pop up in the bottom right of your screen. When you’ve been alerted of a new publication’s availability, if you wish to open the Reader, click the cover image or the button at the bottom of the alert box. Otherwise, click the X to close the alert or do nothing – it will disappear after a few seconds. You will receive alerts about new publications when the Reader is not running.

To stop this service, you may do one of the following things:
- De-select "Check on Startup" from the Alert Messenger menu
- De-select "Check on Startup" from Zinio Reader's Preferences -> My Libarary menu (Note: you must logout of the Reader before closing to save preferences)

Q: Can I back up my publications?

A: One great thing about using Zinio to view your publications is that all your files are always backed up and available for re-downloading! It is not currently possible to manually move your publications out of the default location on your C: drive to a different location for later viewing.

Q: Can I change the location where my publications are downloaded?

A: No. The new application uses the Adobe AIR framework, which uses a standard directory for the local store information. Although we are unable to modify the Adobe AIR framework or directory structure at this time, it is a high priority for us and currently is being evaluated as a feature enhancement.

Q: Why am I getting an "Unable to complete download" message?

A: This is usually a temporary problem, please try again in a few hours and the issue should be resolved. If you are seeing this message for a magazine issue published from 2009 to present, please contact Zinio Customer Service at www.zinio.com/help

Q: Why does the whole program close every time I close a magazine?

A: Clicking on the ‘X’ button to close the window will, indeed, close the Reader, as was the case in the previous Reader. Simply use the Library button to navigate back to the library.

Q: How do I use the Trash?

A: You can use the Trash to remove publications from your library.

Delete or hide publications from view
The library displays all the given user’s entitlements. By deleting an entitlement in the library, you aren’t deleting the actual entitlement to the issue, but rather just removing the issue files from the local device (or if the publication is not downloaded, you are simply removing it from view in your library). Purposely, you can recover any deleted issue from the trash for future use. If you would prefer to have a publication permanently removed from viewing, simply contact Zinio Customer Service at support@zinio.com and specify which issue or issues you'd like to have permanently removed from view.

Restoring an item back to the library
When you place an item from your library to the Trash, you can choose to have that item placed back in your library by clicking on the arrow button at the center of the publication's thumbnail. If the item in the Trash had been downloaded, it will not automatically be downloaded again to your library. Once restored, you can choose to download the publication again by clicking the download icon next to the issue.