Zinio Credit FAQ

Q: Do I have to use my entire Zinio credit on one order?

A: No, you can use it on multiple orders until it is used in its entirety or expires. Check the Account Settings section of Zinio.com to see your remaining balance. Please keep in mind that your credit needs to be selected on each order you place and that it will not be automatically applied to your next purchases. Also, Zinio credits cannot be applied to automatic renewal orders.

Q: If I cancel a subscription, will the refund be applied towards the code?

A: No. Once any portion of a Zinio credit is applied to a purchase it cannot be credited back for any reason. If you have made a purchase with a Zinio credit and used a credit card for the remaining balance, please note that only the cash value exceeding the initial credit balance will be refunded. (If the magazine you purchased has stopped producing on Zinio, we would be happy to issue a replacement code for another purchase.)

Q: Can the code be shared or transferred to another user?

A: No. The Zinio credit can only be used by the authorized recipient. The sharing of credits between accounts is unauthorized. Accounts that do not follow these guidelines are subject to being disabled and the codes in question voided.

Q: Can I use PayPal and the credit to pay for an order?

A: No. Unfortunately, your code cannot be used in conjunction with Paypal payments.

Q: Can I use Zinio credit from within the iPad, iPhone app, Android, or other mobile apps?

A: No. The Zinio credit must be used at www.zinio.com, it will not work from within the Zinio app.

Q: Can I combine multiple Zinio credits or apply more than one to an order?

A: No. Only one Zinio credit code can be applied at a time. Zinio credits cannot be combined or merged for any reason.

Q: Why was the code I entered not accepted?

A: Assuming you started at www.zinio.com from a web browser and NOT through one of our apps (which will not accept the code), it is likely that some characters were typed incorrectly. To avoid this problem, you are strongly encouraged to copy the code directly from the email you received, then paste it into the appropriate area during checkout at www.zinio.com. There is no space at either the beginning or end of the code and the entire code must be entered exactly as you received in the email. For example, my code is "zinioJC38IMH4AESE8TVSGNTE". I must enter the full code as it is shown, and not "zinio JC38IMH4AESE8TVSGNTE" or "JC38IMH4AESE8TVSGNTE". *NOTE: The code provided in this example is for demonstration only.

For help copying and pasting with an iPad, please click here.

The screen capture below illustrates the correct place to enter the credit code.

Q: How can I confirm that my credit was applied to my order?

A: After each purchase, you will be sent an order confirmation in your email that shows a breakdown of all payment details. Keep in mind that "Total" does not reflect the amount charged to your credit card, but the total price of your order. Just above the Total amount includes the breakdown of how your purchaSe was charged. The total amount charged to your credit card, if any, appears next to "Payment" under "Credit Card".

To verify the amount, if any, that was charged to your credit card, click here and then select "Purchase History" from the side navigation, then click "view" beside the corresponding order to see details about that order. Detailed information about the amounts charged to each payment type appears at the bottom of the screen.

The screen capture below illustrates a sample order summary.

Q: How can I get help with a question not addressed in this FAQ?

A: Please visit our help site to contact customer support.