Zinio iPad App Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I delete a downloaded publication from my library or restore it after it's deleted?

A: To delete an issue from your iPad library, tap "Edit" in the top toolbar of the Library view, then tap the "Remove" button. A small "X" will appear in the upper right corner of each publication. If you've already downloaded the publication to your iPad, you'll also see the file size represented in the center of the magazine cover. To delete the file and remove the cover thumbnail from your library, tap the "X" and confirm your choice to "Remove issue from device". The publication file will be deleted, and the cover thumbnail will be removed from your library. Tap the "Done" button to exit Edit view.

Need to read a deleted issue again? Tap "Edit" in the top toolbar, then tap the "Restore" button. You'll see the cover thumbnails for each deleted publication. To restore the thumbnail to your library, tap the "+" button that appears in the upper right corner of each publication. Confirm your choice to "Restore issue on device". Tap the "Done" button to exit Edit view. You'll see that the issue has reappeared in your library. Simply tap the cover of the publication to download and read it again!

Q: Why aren't adult titles available on my iPad?

A: Zinio must abide by the guidelines set forth by Apple in order to have our app available on their iTunes store. One of those guidelines currently prohibits content deemed mature. We are sorry that this title, and similar titles, are not currently available on the iPad. They are, however, viewable on Zinio.com or by installing the Zinio Reader on a conventional laptop or desktop.

Q: Can a subscription that I purchase from the iPad store be viewed on a computer or other supported device?

A: Yes! When you purchase something through Zinio-- whether it is from the iPad store or Zinio.com -- you can view it on any of our supported operating systems and devices or directly on Zinio.com (Adobe Flash required).

Q: Why are some titles in my Zinio library not viewable on my iPad?

A: If there is a title that you own that you don't see in your library, please give it some time. Our entire library of tens of thousands of issues will soon be available for the iPad!

We are working diligently to offer access to our entire catalog of thousands of magazines and books -- including back issues -- soon. For the most current available titles, please open the Zinio iPad app and tap the "Shop" button at the bottom of the screen.

Q: How can I change my credit card information?

A: Please note that all purchases mae in the Zinio iPad or iPhone app are done through your Apple ID. Zinio does not take payement directly for these transactions. Please note that per Apple policies, all in-app purchases are non-refundable. If it is your desire to make purchase through Zinio which can be refunded at a later date please place these orders through www.zinio.com in your web browser.
You can change your billing information for Zinio.com purchases by going to Zinio.com > Account Settings or by clicking here.

Q: My publication appears to be missing pages towards the end. How can I fix that?

A: You can resolve an incomplete download by deleting the publication and re-downloading it. Please see the FAQ for "how do I delete a downloaded publication" for instructions.

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