Frequently Asked Questions

Account and Subscription Issues:

Q: What are the most basic things I need to know to get started?

A: If you have not created a Zinio account yet, please go to and click "create an account."

Zinio gives you two great ways to view your magazines on a computer: online using a web browser or offline using the Zinio Reader software.

The Online Reader gives you the ability to access your magazines from any web browser with Adobe Flash installed. To access your magazine, simply go to and click on My Library. Once you're in the My Library area you can click on the thumbnail image of your magazine to have it open in a new browser window. Note: a high speed internet connection is required.

The Offline Reader allows you to download your magazines onto your computer. Once downloaded, your magazines can be viewed without an internet connection. To get started, you need to install the Zinio Reader (compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2000 and Mac OS). You can download it by clicking here. Once the Zinio Reader is installed, any magazines that are available to you will download automatically. One benefit of the Offline Reader is that pages load more quickly because the magazine file is being read directly from your computer and not over an internet connection.

It's completely your choice which version of the Reader you use. We encourage you to use either or both, depending on how you like to read.

How do I read my magazine once I have it open?
The two most basic things you will need to know are how to move from page to page and how to zoom.

To move from page to page, use the left and right arrow keys at the top of the toolbar. Alternatively, you can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard or click on the lower corners of a magazine to flip through pages.

You can zoom on a page to view text more clearly. You can zoom by clicking anywhere on the page of the magazine or by clicking on the magnifying glass button (with the plus symbol) on the toolbar. While in zoom mode, you can click on the space bar to read a page and be taken to the top of the next page when you've reached the end of the current page. To zoom back to the standard two-page view, simply click anywhere on the magazine or click on the magnifying glass (with the minus symbol).

Once you get the hang of moving forward and back and zooming, you can explore other great navigational features such as the scrollbar and table of contents button. If you have the Offline Reader installed, you can click on the help button on your toolbar for more tips.

How will I be able to access new issues?
You will receive an email notification as soon as a new issue becomes available. It will direct you to the My Library section on the Zinio website where you can view you magazine online or trigger it to download for offline viewing. If you have the Offline Reader installed and don't do anything, your magazine will download automatically at some point in the course of the day. By default, the Offline Reader periodically checks to see if there is anything new to download and automatically downloads it for you if there is!

Those are the basics! If you need further help, please take a look at this help section for quick answers to your questions. If you need further assistance, please contact us at

Q: How can I view my magazines on an iPhone or iTouch?

The Zinio iPhone app (also compatible with iPhone Touch) is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store. The app allows you to download Zinio publications directly to your iPhone as long as they are compatible with the device. You can check whether a magazine is available at

Q: I am not receiving a new password or the one I have received is not working

A: If you are not receiving an email from Zinio in your inbox, please make sure to check your junkmail or spam folder. If you still cannot locate the password reset email there, please visit to chat with a support agent or submit a request outside of business hours. One of our customer support agents will be able to give you a new password.

If you have received a password reset email but it is not being accepted, please make sure that if you are copying and pasting the password you are not highlighting an extra space after the password. Pasting the password with the extra space will add an extra character when trying to change your password. If you are manually typing the password, please note that the password is case-sensistive, which means that you will need to type upper and lower-case letters, as necessary.

Q: Why did I miss an issue

A: If you miss an issue, please contact Zinio Customer support at Let us know which issue you missed so we can look into the reason why and help you make sure that it doesnt happen again.

Q: Why am I receiving this magazine? I never ordered it.

A: If you received an email about the digital version of a magazine to which you do not remember subscribing, you may be receiving it as part of a special promotion by the publisher or because you've opted in for promotional offers from a service such as Vista Print. This magazine subscription is free for you to enjoy! Just follow the instructions in the email to get started viewing your subscription. If you are not interested in this free subscription and would like to cancel, please submit a request to cancel it at : Please make sure you include the email address where the magazine is being sent.

If you are receiving the digital version of a magazine that you thought you purchased recently in print format, you may have accidentily purchased the digital version. If you think that may be the case or are unsure, simply contact us and we'll help get information about your subscription.

Q: What is continuous service?

A: With continuous service, you no longer have to miss issues of your favorite magazines because you forgot to renew in time. We'll automatically renew your subscriptions to ensure you receive convenient, uninterrupted delivery of your magazines.

If your subscription is set for continuous service, you will be notified and billed automatically at the end of your subscription's term at the current rate for your subscription. The renewal will be billed to the card originally used to make the purchase. If that card has expired or the account has closed, you will receive a renewal notification by email that will give you an opportunity to update your billing information.

You can turn continuous service on or off for subscriptions at any time in account settings from Or, you can contact Zinio Customer Support. Note: Continuous service is not available for every magazine title.

Z-Pass subscriptions renew automatically on a monthly basis. To cancel a Z-Pass subscription, go to

Q: I have more than one Zinio account and cannot download my magazine.

A: If you have more than one Zinio account, we can merge them into one account. Please let us know what email addresses your accounts are registered to and which email address you prefer as you master Zinio login. Once merged, you will be able to view all your magazines.

Please submit your request at

Q: How can I view my magazine in a web browser? How can I view it offline?

A: Once you've created a Zinio account, you'll be able to access the magazine in two ways: with the online (web browser) version of the Zinio Reader, or with the downloadable software version of the Zinio Reader.

1. To view your issue online through a web browser, simply login at and click on Your Library in the upper toolbar of the homepage. Then, click on the cover of the magazine you want to read and it will open in a new browser window.

2. To download the Zinio Reader to read your issue offline, please click on the following link and run the program: Please use the same email and password you used to create your Zinio account.

Once installed, your magazines will download to your computer. After the initial download, you will be able to read them even if you are not connected to the internet.

Q: Is the Zinio Reader comptible with Linux or my mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, Touchpad, etc.)?

A: Zinio's reader apps are not compatible with Linux.

The various platforms where you can enjoy Zinio magazines are as follows.

The online (web browser) version of the Zinio Reader is compatible on systems with Adobe Flash 9 or higher installed.

The offline version of the Reader, which you can use whether or not you're connected to the internet, is currently compatible with Windows (7/Vista/XP), and Mac OS (10.6 or higher except for Power PC models)

You can download the software here:

Zinio Reader Applications are available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad - You can find them by clicking here.

Zinio Reader for Android 3.0 and above is available at this time as a downloadable app from the Market:

The Zinio App for Kindle fire can be found at

The Zinio Reader is not currently compatible with Windows Mobile, Blackberry (or other PDA's) or reading devices such as the Sony Reader, Nooks or Kindle(original) - although we are working now to expand the capabilities of the Zinio Reader to include more mobile devices. Note: an app for the Blackberry Playbook is in development and will be available sometime in 2012.

Q: How can I change the location where my magazines are stored?

A: With Zinio the magazines are saved directly withing each readers application folder, these files cannot be moved or relocated. They need to be in the default folder and they need to be accessed through each Reader directly. If you are going to get a new computer, you will need to download and install the Reader on the new system and re-download the publications. Backing up of these files will not allow for their access on a different system then the one originally downloaded on, and in some cases my corrupt the files on the current system. If this happens, you will need to delete and re-install the reader and re-download all your publications.

Q: Can I have the Zinio Reader installed on more than one computer?

A: Yeah, you can access Zinio Reader just install Zinio Reader 4 on multiple computers if that is your desire. Please keep in mind that Zinio accounts are for single user access and that sharing of your login credentials is a violation of the Zinio Terms of Service.

Q: Is there an expiration or limit to how many times I can view my publications?

A: No. There is no expiration and no limit to how many times you can view your magazines! Please note that although magazines remain in your account forever, technology does change and method of access to content several years old may change. We recommend that you download all magazines you need to keep permanently to the Zinio Reader 4 software for safekeeping.

Q: Can the magazine be downloaded as a PDF or other ePub format?

A: Unfortunately due to the nature of the content we provide and the DRM protection rules that we must abide by, your digital edition of can only be downloaded in the Zinio format. Each issue is optimized for a rich magazine reading experience through the Zinio Reader software

Q: How can I switch my print subscription over to Zinio?

A: The publishers that partner with Zinio consider digital subscriptions as separate from print subscriptions. If your preference is for the digital version, you can contact the publisher to have them switch your subscription to digital, if they have that capability. Please note that transfers from print to digital usually take 1-2 issue cycles. This means it may take anywhere from 4-10 weeks for your first digital issue to be delivered (you will still receive print issues during this time).

When you contact the publisher, don't mention "digital" until they locate your account. Ask to simply "verify my subscription". They'll ask for your zip code and last name. Once they've found your account they can give you details. If they can switch your account to digital, be sure to provide the SAME email address that you've used to create your Zinio account with. Future issues will be delivered digitally. Please remember that it can take up to 10 weeks for the switch to occur. If you miss any issues during that time, please contact us at to request that they be added to your account.

If the publisher does not offer such an option, simply cancel your print subscription and purchase a new subscription through



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